Inside Commission — Questionnaire

Artists Daniel Regan & Antonia Attwood are investigating ideas of safe space for their INSIDE commission and residency at QUAD, Derby, to be shown as part of FORMAT Photography Festival 2017. Where does one go to find sanctuary, comfort and security in the modern age? From immersing oneself into nature or to the warmth of a soft bed, we are interested in understanding and representing what a safe place means to different people in today’s fast paced society.

In phase one we are researching what constitutes a safe space for a diverse range of people. Please help us gain a wider understanding of what a safe place means to individuals by answering a few questions anonymously for us.

Please write down up to 5 words that come to mind when you think of the words ‘safe space’?

Please write down up to 3 sounds that you find particularly soothing? For example rainfall, white noise etc.

Please write down up to 3 sounds that you find jarring and that put you on edge.

Do you have a specific place that you tend to go when you need to be soothed/relax? For example a walk in the forest, to the cinema etc.

How does light impact your wellbeing? For example do you feel safer and soothed in darkness, or happier in sunlight?

Are there any specific objects you associate with comfort? For example childhood mementos, blankets etc.

Is there anything extra you would like to add that has not been covered to help us in our research into what constitutes a safe space in modern society?

I would like to stay up to date on this project's progress.