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Be Here, Now


I’m pleased to announce that my exhibition with Antonia Attwood — Be Here, Now — will open on Thursday 23rd March at FORMAT Photography Festival.

Reclaiming Asylum

Reclaiming Asylum

I’m exhibiting a constellation of 6 images from a new series called Lights at Bethlem Gallery’s Reclaiming Asylum exhibition, opening 21st Sept.

Melancholia at Institute of Mental Health

Institute of Mental Health

I’ll be exhibiting an image from my Melancholia series in the exhibition Journeys at the Institute of Mental Health in Nottingham.

Melancholia at Liverpool Light Night

Liverpool Light Night

I’ll be exhibiting an image from my Melancholia series at Liverpool’s one night city-wide festival, Light Night, on May 13th 2016.

Letting in the Light

There will be light on my dark days

I’m excited to announce that my image, There Will Be Light On My Dark Days, will be exhibited in the public lightbox exhibition Letting In The Light.

Trees of the Brain, Roots of the Mind

Photograph from Daniel Regan's project What Light, What Darkness.

For Photomonth 2015 I’ll be taking part in an exhibition with 2 artists, weaving together the common thread of mental health in our practice.