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  • More Than An Image

    In this short documentary, produced by WEX, I discuss how I use photography to be mindful and engage in the world around me.

  • Reclaiming Asylum

    I’m exhibiting a constellation of 6 images from a new series called Lights at Bethlem Gallery’s Reclaiming Asylum exhibition, opening 21st Sept.

  • Inside Commission

    I’m excited to announced that I am the recipient of an INSIDE commission to make new work relating to themes of mental wellbeing and safe spaces.

  • A Small Voice Podcast

    Listen to me discuss my projects, inspiration, process and more with photographer Ben Smith for his podcast A Small Voice.

  • Shared Moments

    After an artist talk on my project Fragmentary I asked participants to share photographs of beautiful moments they experienced after the event.

  • Brighton & Sussex Medical School

    On 21st June I’ll be discussing my alopecia project alongside an esteemed panel at Brighton & Sussex Medical School.

  • Inside Out

    I’ve organised the event Inside Out, uniting four visual artists working to bring an understanding of our inner experiences to the surface. June 16th.

  • Critical Voices Conference

    I’m excited to announce that I’ll be one of the keynote speakers at the Critical Voices conference taking place on June 11th.

  • Fragmentary @ The Artworks

    On the 24th May I’ll be discussing my project Fragmentary as well as inviting participants to reflect on the symbiotic relationship of art and emotions.

  • Melancholia at Institute of Mental Health

    I’ll be exhibiting an image from my Melancholia series in the exhibition Journeys at the Institute of Mental Health in Nottingham.